About TriCous

It all started in the year 2011 when handmade chocolate market had suddenly taken a boom. I loved chocolates and started making and creating new flavours for myself. My friends and family loved them and they started to order. So it all started from home as a hobby. In 2012 two like minded people came along and thought of taking this business on a larger scale. In the month of February 2012 we shifted to our new chocolate workshop and started as a full time business. 3 years passed by but something was still missing. We wanted to work with pure chocolate and not compounds.
So we started our R&D for pure chocolate and in the year 2016 we completely shifted our product line from Compounds to pure chocolate and launched the fresh fusion range. We use traditional methods and modern machinery to make it all happen. We started educating our clients the difference between the compounds and chocolates.Now we have more than 15 corporate clients and more than 25 counters in Nagpur.
Mission statement- to passionately make and create unique flavours of pure chocolates and make them available for all the chocolate lovers.

Know your Chocolate

Chocolate is meant to be a beautiful mix of four natural ingredients- cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, milk solids and sugar. When the two rich ingredients, cocoa butter and cocoa liquor are substituted for its cheaper alternatives- Hydrogenated Vegetable fat and cocoa powder, ‘Chocolate’ is now no more ‘Chocolate’. It is a compound.

We Make our products with pure chocolate and it does not contain any compound.

Each piece of chocolate that we make is a perfect blend of the above four ingredients with 35% cocoa.

Tricous chocolates are delectable tiny bits. They give it their personal touch making you feel blissful with their purity of the brand. Love them!

Karishma Jaisingh, Company Secretary, Nagpur

Tricous fresh fusion chocolates are no less than any universal brands. They are a perfect blend of the crispiness of nuts with softness of original chocolate. Raisins and Pan flavor have no match!

Dr.Razia Khomusi, Anesthesiologist , Abu dabi

I loved the chocolates of TriCous especially Fresh Fusion range. They are rich and melts in your mouth and are healthy for consumption.

Batul Sodawala, Interior designer, Burhanpur.

Our Clients