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To take that leap of faith as twenty-two and an Industrial engineer in 2012, I saw my pastime of crafting with chocolates becoming popular with family and friends. The inherent urge was to be a leader, build a platform for upcoming creators and innovate with something right from nature yet versatile — chocolates.

In our formative years at TriCous, we spent our time bootstrapping, researching and travelling. The 2020s brought with uncertainty new beginnings for us — Tree-to-Bar Chocolates and Confectionery.

We have added to our inventory of all-time favorites — chocolate coated nuts, bonbons, truffles and Belgium bars; Chocolates created right from single-origin organic Indian cacao beans. We sort, roast, crack, winnow, grind, conch, and temper small batches of cacao beans to ensure a dense, rich decadency to give you an experience of luxury.

“I see TriCous as a brand that is constantly evolving and innovating.”

As a professional chocolatier, I feel immense happiness in spreading awareness about the benefits of pure chocolate and teach passionate learners the process of crafting chocolates