Co Founder
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They say behind every successful man - there is a loving and caring woman. I say, behind every successful venture - there is a shared passion — to innovate and grow.

My journey with Lulua, my best half, is interlaced with love and sweetness. The sweetness comes from TriCous, our first baby conceived out of wedlock. I have seen the brand develop each passing year and marking our journey from our first product launch to very recently Treeto-Bar Chocolates — TriCous is a talk-in-town, premium luxury chocolate brand now.

As a co-founder and professional chocolate maker, the process of making chocolates is pure joy. I work with farmers, an all-woman production team and monitor the cycle of chocolate demand and supply.

I find it fulfilling the blending of infusions, flavours, spices and cultures in our small chocolate batches, from cacao bean to a creamy chocolate bar. We ensure the best in couverture chocolates to a clientele PAN India through WhatsApp, our official website and Amazon.