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Know more about Whiskey-Chocolate combination: Sensational Tasting notes and pairings


Have you ever tried chocolate and whiskey pairing ?? Chocolate and whiskey surprisingly go together exceptionally well, it gives a soothing effect in your mouth. There are different techniques for eating chocolate and whiskey together. Here are some of the combinations you should try –

1. Whisky Neat + Orange Dark Chocolate: Finding your soulmate is a tall order, but if you can at least find someone to enjoy this peaty, chocolaty combination with you, give Cupid a little credit. The sweet and slightly bitter citrus flavours in the chocolate bar contrast nicely with a peated scotch whisky like Bowmore 18 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Orange Rind Flavor of Tricous. The cytry and Malt Scotch Whisky give a fusion of unforgettable feel to taste buds. Let the chocolate melt in your mouth as you sip.

2. Rum Manhattan + Tricous Fruit & Nut Milk Chocolate: Made with raisins and almonds, this chocolate bar requires a pairing with just a hint of sugary goodness-enter the Manhattan. But instead of making it with a richly flavoured whiskey, try it with a fruity, vanilla-flecked aged rum like Plantation 5-Year Barbados Rum. The flavours in the rum and chocolate bar complement each other beautifully and may steal your heart -and sweet tooth.

3. Sweet Liquor+ Sea Salt & Almonds Chocolate: There’s no way you can skip this combination try it once and you will get it. Luckily, this delightfully sweet and salty duo is the ideal way to cap off a romantic meal, and it’s so much better than your average chocolate-covered cherry. Pop a square of the nutty, salted chocolate bar into your mouth as you sip on a bit of Luxardo Cherry Sangue Morlacco Liqueur either on the rocks or topped with Champagne.

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