Crunchy Almond Bar

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A blend of almonds in silky milk chocolate is a real treat for all you wanderlust folks. A chocolate bar filled with high nutritive value ports you to another realm. Savour each bite filled with smooth chocolate and crunchy nuts. A bar full of almond nuts complements your exciting conversations.

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Weight 55 g


  • Why i should buy this product ?

Because this friendship day you can make your old and new friend feel special with customized packaging and premium taste of chocolate

  • What is the steps for ordering any customized chocolate bar ?
  1. select any customized packaging that you love
  2. select the flavors of chocolate with the quantity
  3. Click on Buy now option
  4. Fill up the address details of your friends or loved one
  • Does it comes with extra packaging or Box  ?

Yes the bars would be inside the curated box with a ribbon over it.

  • How can I track my order ?

Ma’am and sir please answer the following

  • What if I want bulk orders ?

Please contact our support team( Number )


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