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Chocolate is something that no one can refuse, and we as a part of the chocolate industry are constantly trying to entertain people with new delicious and creative chocolate dishes. And recently you might have not heard of this viral-going tasty chocolate ball A.K.A chocolate truffle. But what exactly is a chocolate truffle, how did it come into existence, why are they given the name “Truffle” and why do people around the globe love them so much?

This article explores chocolate truffles inside out and the story behind them. Let’s appreciate these decadent delicacies and delve into the truffle’s chocolate history.


Truffles are traditionally round chocolate pieces or balls made from a chocolate centre and encased in a different or same chocolate flavour casing around them. They come in many different flavours with different ganache centres, like dark pure chocolate, nuts, dry fruits, or maybe even coffee, also people from different parts of the world have made them according to their tastes and culture. People often relate them to mushrooms because of their similar resemblance and looks.

Chocolate truffles are a big part of the high-end after-dinner dessert and savoury cuisine. To maintain the high quality and taste of these lovely truffles, they are made out of hand with total care and attention.


Now you know what a chocolate truffle is and what’s inside but do you know where it all started? Legend says it all started in the (1920s) in the famous kitchen of Auguste Escoffier, if you read “Escobar” then you should probably cut down your Netflix time.

One fine day as Auguste’s apprentice tried to make some good old pastry cream, he accidentally poured the hot chocolate into a bowl of chocolate instead of sugared eggs, and as the chocolate and cream mix hardened and he saw that he could work the chocolate concoction to make it like a ball. History was made!


Now that you know what chocolate truffles are and how they came into existence! Let’s get into the types of Chocolate Truffles. Since chocolate truffles are so old (Just like you, Just kidding) there are many different types of them, Every country has its specific way of making chocolate truffles.

The French truffle is made with fresh cream and chocolate and then rolled in cocoa powder or nut powder. While Belgium is made with dark chocolate and then filled with buttercream. And the mighty Americans mix dark or milk chocolates with butterfat, which is then coated in chocolate. There are even truffles made with scotch and champagne with semi-sweet chocolate, whipping cream, and cocoa. We can appreciate that without being a drinks lover as well (or vice versa) Scotch and Champagne Truffles are mainly for guests and big occasions
and have a surprisingly rich flavour and taste (you guessed that right?)


Now that you know everything about chocolate truffles. The question arises from where to get them for the best taste
and experience?

Since not everyone can make the best chocolate truffles in town, You can try making them by yourself but that is another step that will take a lot of time. You should check some reviews online and get in touch with
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