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about us

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Tricous is dedicatedly working towards quality products, where we stand for organic and delicious chocolates. The vision of the company is to serve our products globally and spread the taste of our farms. At Tricous, we believe that every recipe’s special ingredients are love and passion. The joy of working with our hands through the entire process from harvested cacao beans to a creamy chocolate bar: we are indeed dexterous artisans. 

Value & Philosophy

Making chocolates is a lasting experience. Distinctively, when our Indian farms grow fruity, delicious and aromatic cacao. Tricous frequently visits farms and connects with farmers to learn and support sustainable and hygienic practices .

Quality Check

We ensure that only the finest cacao beans harvested go into the process of making Tree-to-Bar Chocolates.

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There is a fair distinction between ingredients sourced organically and the ones available in local farm markets. From cacao beans to other flavours, fruits, flowers, seed and nuts that make our recipe authentic and yummy are organic ingredients.

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With a small-batch production, every step in the procedure has nuanced quality control and craftmanship.

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