Have you met RUBY ? | Ruby Mendiants Recipe | Best Chocolate Recipe

The chocolate as we know today is being originated and came into public word by mid of 19 century. The commonly known 3 types of chocolate are Dark , White and Milk. But have you get a chance to met with Ruby ?

It is a beautiful shade of dusty pink and both its colour and tangy berry flavor are completely natural – all coming from the Ruby Cacao Bean. as it was a new and unknown type of chocolate hence it was patented in 2015 by inventors Dumarcheetal. and assigned to Barry Callebaut company.

As the time passes , with the permutation and combination new recipes get evolved with the ruby chocolates one of the known delicious ruby chocolate combination is with nuts and that is knowns as ruby mendiants

Ruby Mendiants Recipe :


  • Cocoa butter seeding
  • Raspberry
  • 150gm roasted whole nuts (e.g. pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts)
  • Blueberries
  • Parchment paper
  • 150 gms of Ruby Chocolate

Melt 150 gm Ruby Chocolate

Temper using cocoa butter seeding

Mix it well for 2-3 minutes

Pour it into Parchment Paper

Make small coins on a parchment paper with cone

Tap the tray for even spread

Put Dried raspberry , roasted pistachio and blueberries

Tip :

  • You can also use a combination of dried or candied fruits, such as apricot, raspberry for the spreading over the dish
  • Please keep the time frame of cooling at room temperature Minimum of 20 minutes
  • While mixing the cocoa butter seeding with ruby chocolate don’t mix the melted butter.

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