The 7 Top Flavors of Premium Chocolates and Their Stories

Orange Rind

The orange rind flavor is certainly a homage to Nagpur. The blend of tangy oranges goes best with the chocolate. As a Nagpur-based startup, Tricous chocolates have a special orange rind flavor. The specialty of the flavor is that after removing the peel, chunks of orange are blended with dark chocolate to make a perfect combination of juicy mouth-watering flavor. Every bite has a citrusy kick in it. The cocoa from the dark chocolate and the playful hits of tanginess from the oranges taste like summer. The dark chocolate and the softness of the orange come together to give the bar its uniqueness.

Intense Dark

As the name suggests this one goes to the dark chocolate lovers. If you are diet-conscious and want to amplify your taste buds with healthier chocolate, then this is the best one you can have for your diet. The specialty of the intense dark tricous chocolate is that no artificial sugar is being added in the making process. The sugar added in this bar is extracted from dates, which act as a natural source of sweetnessto make it a natural variant of fruit sugar and a healthier option, sugar is being extracted from dates to produce an intense dark flavor in this range tricous chocolates. This is what makes this chocolate-rich, delightful and exquisite feast all wrapped in a single bar.

Lavender blueberry

The lavender blueberry flavor in this bar is the most popular flavor across the globe. It is a lovely blend of dark chocolate and lavender, and the nip of blueberries adds an extra layer of goodness to the bar. The first bite opens with a hint of lavender, followed by a shy tartness of blueberry, and the last note is of dark chocolate. The combination of sweet and sourness is what makes this luscious bar unforgettable.

Masala chai chocolate

The most popular drink in India is, without a doubt, masala chai (Indian tea). If you are a chai lover or if you need a daily cup of chai, then you must try our Masala Chai Chocolate flavor. Masala chai is made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs like ginger, milk, and sugar. Similarly, when you put our Masala Chai Chocolate in your mouth, you will taste the flavors of Indian herbs like ginger, cardamom (elaichi), and blended milk with tea. Whenever we drink chai, that flavor similarly remains in our mouth as the warmth of herbs and that flavor palate remains in our mouth while eating chocolate.

Not surprisingly, this is the most loved flavor among our chocolates.


If you are a coffee lover more than chai and want to have a cappuccino cup at any place at any time, carry our cappuccino chocolate. Just like the texturing of milk with coffee is an important aspect ofthe taste of coffee, similarly, our dark milk-based chocolate is textured with coffee. The coffee beans are first ground in a grinding machine to have a rich and natural taste of pure coffee in a cappuccino flavor. After eating the cappuccino tricous chocolate, the first feeling is of coffee, and the milkiness of chocolate balances the bitterness of coffee and has the rich cappuccino taste in your mouth. Real coffee beans were infused into the chocolate. There’s an instant caffeine rush. The chocolate is more dominant towards the end, with a hint of coffee. You smell coffee and you taste chocolate.

Buy our premium cappuccino flavor now.

Sea salt caramel

This is a bar of purely milk-based chocolate, which means that the highest cocoa percentage we can have in milk is 40%. If it extends beyond the threshold, then it comes into dark milk chocolate. Seasalt caramel is a bar of purely milk-based chocolate. The specialty of sea salt caramel is that it has three main ingredients: sea salt, milk chocolate prepared from cocoa beans, and caramel. Caramel goes best with the chocolate, and to balance the overload of sweetness, sea salt is added. Grab a bite now to enjoy the delightful flavor of caramel combined with milky chocolate and saltiness. It is an irresistible want-one-more-bite experience for any chocolate or non-chocolate lover.

Nuts Overload

The crunchiness of the nuts adds an extra edge to the nuts overload chocolates. However, hazelnuts and roasted almonds also go well with milk chocolate because the creaminess of the nuts gives an exciting twist, making this combination an irresistible treat. Balancing the sweetness, nuts play a crucial role. Some research even suggests the combination of chocolate and nuts may provide nutrients with healthy fats. If you want one of the best lifestyle chocolates that are nutty, you can go for our Nuts overload flavor.

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