5 facts you should know about tree to bar

“Tree to bar” is one of the latest terms used in the fields of chocolate industry within India and even worldwide. It is one of the best chocolates in India, many of you might have heard of it, but may not know its exact significance and essence.

In very lame terms, tree to bar is a special kind of chocolates manufacturing process in which the manufacturer has entire control over the chocolate making process and the cocoa being used comes from a single country, that contains the flavor of that specific environment.

Cocoa beans, the main ingredient of chocolate industry is the fruit of cacao tree, and this cacao beans have a characteristic property of absorbing the bitterness, fruitiness, and flavors from the environment where it grows. From this fact, it is evident that chocolates from different countries should have their respective unique tastes. But you must have observed that a chocolate “X” will have the exact same flavor, no matter which country it is made up in. Like dark chocolate has the exact same flavor all over the world. This happens because cocoa beans from all over the world are gathered at the place of manufacturing, and fed together in the production chain, which significantly results in the loss of unique aroma and flavor of every distinct country, hence the chocolates carry a neutral taste, neither acidic nor bitter in any way.

Here comes in the role of “Tree to Bar” Chocolates. If you eat chocolate bar or drink hot chocolate made from tree to bar process, you can clearly feel the characteristic taste and aroma of the region where it has been manufactured. For instance, the chocolates from Madagascar carry with them an essence of sweetness and fruity notes due to large quantity of berries and pineapple growing around the cacao bean fields. Similarly, Indian chocolates carry an aroma of earthiness and woodiness, which one can feel just by tasting a piece of tree to bar chocolate!

Now, here are 5 unique facts that you must know about Tree to Bar:


Tree to bar chocolates is essentially of single origin, which means that the cocoa beans come from a single farm or single geographical location, that carries the taste and flavor of the region in which the cacao bean plant is grown. Single origin chocolates are free from any kind of blending of cocoa beans. Hence, these chocolates carry a unique and authentic essence of the place of origin. For example, chocolates from Venezuela are nutty whereas those from Madagascar are more fruity and brighter. Single origin chocolates provide the authenticity and originality of specific location and harvest process. As a chocolate lover, one would certainly prefer to embrace the unique taste and essence of different flavors, and this uniqueness is guaranteed by single origin chocolates, manufactured by tree to bar.


Small batch manufacturing process is one of the major reasons for providing the original, unique and required taste to chocolates. It is done on a small scale, wherein the workers sort the cocoa beans manually, that allows them to separate unfermented cocoa beans perfectly, which doesn’t leave any chance for chocolate to taste absurd or smell foul. Since every small batch of cocoa beans is unique, the chocolates manufacturers adjust the duration of roasting to provide the real essence of original chocolate. This small batch manufacturing process brings out a wonderful result in the world of chocolates, which cannot be compared with large scale manufacturing process. The small batch manufacturers work opposite to mass manufacturing company. They combine the cocoa beans that have same flavor and quality, hand-sort them, and then process them into the best chocolate bars.


Fair trade practices are followed by Tree to Bar. It means that the manufacturing process of tree to bar keeps in mind sustainable development and works without harming the mother earth. It is favorable for farmers, as it removes the mediators and pays directly to the farmers; hence they get the deserved amount, which is otherwise cut down by involving mediators. It involves all fair rules and guidelines, and hence combats wrong deeds such as child labor and forced labor. The farmers generally do not use artificial pesticides and germicides that results in organic farming and delivers harmless cocoa beans. Therefore, fair trade practices are environment friendly and also improve the lives of cacao cultivators.


Small batch manufacturing process differs from large scale manufacturing process in terms of control over the production chain. While large scale manufacturers have only a certain percentage of control over the production process, small batch manufacturing process has entire control over each step of chocolates production. It is a single point supply chain, i.e., directly from manufacturer to customer. From cultivating cacao to selling the chocolate bars, the manufacturers have entire authority and control over the chocolates manufacturing process, making it extremely customizable and unique in flavors. The responsibility of taste, flavor, quality, bitterness, consistency, fruitiness, and standard lies in the hands of manufacturer alone. Hence, these chocolates are unique in aroma and essence and one of the best chocolates in india.


Since the cocoa beans are of single origin, the chocolates made from tree to bar carry a unique aroma and essence. Since every small batch is processed differently, every chocolate bar offers a new relishing taste in terms of fruitiness, earthiness, bitterness, smoothness and sweetness. The process followed includes hand-sorting and making cocoa beans to cocoa butter, which makes the bar smoother and yummier. These chocolates& chocolate bar can be easily customized by the manufacturer depending upon the flavors required, the flavor can be of dark chocolate or like milky bar because the chocolates& chocolate bar are made from scratch, starting from freshly harvested cocoa beans, hence adding up natural flavors gives an edge to tree to bar chocolates over those manufactured on large scale. Hence Tree to bar is one of the best chocolates in India.

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