Latest Chocolate Trends around the world

Chocolates elicit an emotional response, it’s a feeling and an experience as much as it is a snack! Chocolate with its smoothness, aroma and deliciousness has definitely replaced other foods for many around the globe. Even the health conscious, calorie counting freaks often find themselves unable to avoid the pull of this delicious work of food art.

Such popularity only defines what we all know to be true in our hearts; chocolate is the cure to many a life’s problems. And in the era of internet trends and viral culture, did you really think that chocolates would remain untouched?

From a simple bar to amazing  fusions drinks!

Chocolate works with so many other things and is versatile enough to be used in a zillion different ways! People love the experience of trying their favourite chocolate bar in a new avatar and the fun of drinking said chocolate in new and exciting ways is an entire event in itself! Gone are the days of a simple hot cocoa, or a basic chocolate milkshake; instead this the time to instagram and consume your chocolate in the biggest and wackiest ways possible!

As per research, more than 71% of consumers love and want to try exciting new chocolate experiences. Today, more than 43% of buyers enjoy chocolate in the form of cocktails, coffee, mocktails, experimental beverages and in vivid flavours of tea.

Authentic Hand crafted chocolates are in vogue.

Organic, authentic and healthy is what everyone is after, and this trend has also trickled down to our beloved chocolates. People are now focussed on the quality of chocolates they consume, where and how they are made and how authentic and pure their favourite snack is!

There are hundreds of amazing brands crafting small batch chocolates, processing beans in house and using healthier alternatives to common chocolate additives such as sugar and milk. You can find a variety of chocolates using sweeteners like stevia, maple syrup and jaggery; while vegan milk chocolates made from plant based milks is the new thing.

Not just health, people are looking to try the best quality of chocolates that do not compromise on the taste offered. And with the arrival of so many great quality chocolate makers within your own country, you don’t need to wait for imported chocolates to find the taste that suits your palate.

Of seasoning twists and turns.

The delicate fusion between sweet and savoury is an emerging trend of the past few years. Salted caramel chocolates have taken the world by storm with this flavour profile dominating all kinds of indulgences. From ice creams to waffles to your breakfast spreads, salted caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt on warm gooey chocochip cookies takes the chocolate flavour to a whole new level.

People have taken experimenting to another dimension too, with spices like chillies and cinnamon dominating flavour profiles and fusion ranges with various spices being sold at various points.

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