Drinking Chocolate vs Drinking Coffee – Who will win?

Coffee runs deep in the veins while chocolate manages to seep into the heart. Thanks to the Mayans, drinking chocolate has been a popular drink of choice for eons, though it is true that the cocoa drunk now is entirely different from the way cocoa was consumed then. However, cocoa is still cocoa, and coffee is still an amazing discovery too! So who would win this ultimate battle? Chocolate or Coffee?

Nutrition and Calories

Coffee and chocolate are both nutritious in their own ways and can be equally unhealthy as well. The difference between these drinks being healthy or unhealthy depend on the way it is prepared and consumed.

Though a cup of drinking chocolate has high calories, opt for healthy alternatives that can help you consume it without the added guilt. Try using skimmed milk instead of full-fat milk. Use stevia, jaggery, honey, soaked dates or any other healthy alternative to sugar. Lastly always opt for a trusted source of cocoa powder and read the labels carefully to know exactly what you are having.

It’s the same with coffee, when you have brewed fresh coffee without added sugar and a healthier alternative to full fat cream, a cup or two a day can boost your creativity, energy levels and mood.

Caffeine – Good or bad?

Coffee gets a bad rep because it has three times higher caffeine compared to a cup of drinking chocolate. However, this is precisely why coffee is better at keeping you awake and focussed for a longer period of time.

If you are someone who can get addicted easily, drinking chocolate over coffee is a way better option for you. Coffee if consumed in extremely large quantities can negatively affect your system. Insomnia, acidity and high blood pressure are a few causes of drinking excessive amounts of coffee in a day.

Consuming anything moderately is the key to a healthy and active body always. In our opinion, coffee and chocolate are both amazing golden concoctions worthy of every bit of praise and attention they receive. It is our duty as consumers to be educated about our choices and what suits our bodies the best.

So the battle royale comes to an end. The conclusion?

Both Chocolate and coffee win!

Live and cherish the life you always wanted. But, remember to enjoy it with open eyes and not under a heavy dose of caffeine.

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