Chocolate brings happiness, joy and excitement in one’s day. Over 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate is devoured annually all over the globe! The market is crowded with an array of satisfying flavours curated from the existing three varieties of chocolate comprising dark, white and milk chocolate.

The chocolate making business can be exciting and challenging at the same time. The excitement and rush to introduce new flavours to the market, research different flavour profiles and think of ways to push the chocolate bar is amazing! However, being a small batch producing chocolatier is equally nerve wracking. In such a competitive market, making sales and staying in the customer’s radar is considerably difficult.

“Dream big, start small”.

Small batch producers of chocolate rely heavily on being unique in their offerings and are extremely keen on maintaining the best quality that they can possibly make. Chocolatiers spend ages learning and honing their craft, they invest in the best kind of equipment and try to consistently outdo their performance!

Imagine your expert recipe is multiplied for ten thousand people daily, which once served only about a thousand. Difference in the quality of the final product is inevitable. Ergo, small-batch productions are favoured more because of the quality they provide, which remains relatively intact or gets better with each production. Hand crafted chocolates are produced in a variety of exotic and beautiful flavours, flavours which are carefully conceived after a ton of trial and error. Chocolatiers can spend years perfecting new and improved flavour profiles before introducing their labour of love to the world; and this labour of love truly deserves to be treated like a beautiful piece of artwork! The consideration and thought process gone behind creating a perfect box of chocolate that gives off an aura of elegant luxury is truly a rare sight to behold.

From ingredients to sourcing, production process to quality, everything matters! These businesses never compromise on quality to save costs or produce inferior products just to make a quick buck. They are businesses built on trust and the people behind them embody the true spirit of entrepreneurship with their never ending quest for providing the best quality and service for their customers.

Another great advantage of small scale productions is that it  keeps the freshness and nutrition intact. It is a sustainable approach towards the excessive waste accumulation of ingredients and you as a customer can get a personalized experience. Everytime you purchase from a small business owner, they do a happy dance and do everything in their power to give you the best products and service possible!

Support the dream of a small business, your every purchase will come with loads and loads of smiles!

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