Tracing the trend of gifting chocolates over the years

Chocolates have always been an integral part of every celebration throughout the world. The instant boost and a spark of happiness that ignites with receiving a box of chocolates is a feeling beyond compare.

Chocolates are a versatile present that works for all instances; luxury or otherwise and is something that is loved and appreciated by almost everyone!

Chocolate was believed to be a gift from God.

It started from Mesoamerica, where they enjoyed an elite chocolate drink available only for higher classes of the Mayan & Aztec world. There lies evidence that prove the existence of fermented cocoa drinks dating back to 1900 BCE!

The Aztecs believed that these cacao drinks were gifts from the serpent-bird God of learning and wind named Quetzalcoatl to man. They thought that God flew from place to place scattering cacao beans to humanity and that cacao beans were the preserve of Gods only.

Thus began the custom of giving chocolates as gifts. Prices of chocolates were high in the Aztec and Mayan World. In some places, cacao beans were even used as currency.

Chocolate was believed to be a gift from the New World.

The first ever chocolate basket was presented as a gift to Christopher Columbus on his voyage to Mesoamerica and the civilisation of Aztec by some Indian chief. He also took cacao beans to Spain as a symbol of importance and to endear himself to the country’s commoners.. At first, he didn’t know how to use them or plant them, and at one instance, he even termed them as bitter almonds.

Conquistador Hernan Cortez, in the court of Montezuma, was also gifted xocoatl; the name given to chocolate by the people there.

Chocolate was believed to be a gift for kings and nobility.

Once European chefs gained perfection in creating the hard & bitter cacao beans into a delicious chocolate bar, the treat grew famous all over the continent.

In 1615, Anni from Spain gifted her husband Louis XIII of France a mysterious drink from the New World that became wildly popular across the territory and everyone desired to have it.

Finally, gifting chocolate was open for all.

Unlike centuries before, chocolate was finally made available for all and not just the elites. Chocolate in the current world is gifted to anyone who you feel real emotions for; like  friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and anyone in your circle! All you need now for gifting chocolate is a desire to gift someone what they would love and enjoy!

Nowadays, you can find all sorts of chocolates in the market. Gift hampers, baskets, boxes and even personalized ones can be made to order. Truly, the world of gifting chocolates has evolved yet remains a constant classic for any era or occasion.

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